Adulthood : The Truths about Sex.

3 min readOct 5, 2021


Dear adults, I would assume a number of us have been exposed to the do’s and don’ts of life, in which one of many don’ts include coitus. Yet, some of you have refused to listen to your folks and have involved in various acts of fornication, in various positions as well. Not to worry, this is a safe space.

Honestly though, under what code of conduct is sex before marriage considered morally wrong? I’d say forget the Bible, but that’s not entirely possible. We live in a world where most social norms were coined from a religious point of view. It isn’t enough that the holy books condemn us for engaging in sexual intercourse, the society does as well.

However, as much as I do not like to offend the Most High, biologically speaking, it’s very difficult to abstain from sexual intercourse before marriage. Our generation is over exposed, so it’s kind of pointless running away from something we see and hear everyday. My own issue is, if we’re supposed to abstain for a certain period of time, why put that urge in us in the first instance? We get it, Supreme Being. You’re proving a point that humans are shitty people that will forever continue to disobey you. Well, I blame Eve.

If by any chance you have engaged in this “unholy” act, I personally don’t feel it makes you any less human. This is a side note to all you religious fanatics reading this. You’re probably thinking : “She has normalized sex and its all part of the devil’s grand scheme to take over the world”. My darling, rest. Ask around, some failed marriages are as a result of a partner’s cluelessness as regards to sex. Or why do you think your daddy’s agemate was dating Chidinma?

The mind blowing part is, it’s not “right” to masturbate either. You shouldn’t do the do till you get married and you shouldn’t touch yourself to even release small tension once in a while. That’s mental. Except you’re a Mormon, then you can have sexual intercourse, without the intercourse. 💀💀💀💀💀

(Don’t know who Mormons are? Google dey for you.)

This is the part where I share my almost nonexistent sex life with y’all, so brace yourselves.

*inserts private sexual information*

I hope you learned a thing or two from my experience. Olofofo, soboloyoke.

On a more serious note, I have to give it to the people who claim to have had sex without any emotional connection. Just konji and vibes, that’s wicked but entirely logical. Except you don’t use condoms and you impregnate a lady, or worse, get STDs. I guess someone’s son finally found you, boss, and guess what, you are the parent.

If there’s one thing I might know, sex can be more than just sex, and I may or may not be saying this from a romance novel point of view. It takes a lot of emotional turmoil to actually surrender yourself to one person to do you as they wish. Talmbout “get on your knees”. Boss, I don’t even kneel to greet my mother, wu d fok are you?

If you’re not a hoe like a lot of people are, (let me rephrase) , if you tend to get too emotionally invested, like me, I beg you, don’t have sex yet. It’s funny because sex to me is overrated as hell, but it still messes with your mind. This goes without saying but I’ll say it anyways, “friends with benefits” is the hugest scam on earth, right after hushpuppi. One person will definitely catch feelings when they realize the sex is too good and it just messes everything up.

Whether you choose to stay clean till marriage or not, that’s your decision. But for those of you who have begun, don’t lose your self respect in the process. Stay safe kids, use protection. Having multiple sexual partners at once, odikwa risky. I’d say don’t hoe around, but that’s kind of your decision too.

With love and enough condoms to go round,


Watch sex education for more gory details.