To Girlfriends.

2 min readAug 1, 2023

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a girl in my corner. I grew up in a household that consisted of mostly women, so I have been around feminine energy most of my life.

And for every girl I had in my corner, I loved them to bits. I might not have realized it back then, but as I sit back and think of all the solid friendships i have ever been in, they were always with girls. I had Ayisat and Toyosi from primary school, Ophrah from JSS 1B, Favour from JSS 2 till she had to transfer to another school, and my clique of friends till I left secondary school. These are people that no matter how far apart time and distance has made us, they will always have a special place in my heart. I felt absolutely loved with them, and I’m glad I got to experience what it feels like to have girlfriends, at a young age.

As an adult, not much has changed. I have however learned how to be a better friend, I am still learning, but I am once again grateful for the women I have in my life today. Beautiful, insightful, thoughtful and absolutely hilarious women. It’s like being in a cake shop.

For every girl, there is another girl rooting for you. A girl who would move mountains for you. You might not have experienced a soul lifting bond most of your life, or you might not even be aware of how much you’re cared for, but there is a woman who loves you so much. And if you’re lucky, there might be two women… or more. I know we’re used to celebrating girlfriends day in a more romantic way, and that’s perfectly okay, but not every girl is in a relationship. Single girls deserve love too.

So this is for girls and girl friendships. To girlfriends who gossip. Girlfriends who don’t talk everyday but love you either way. Girlfriends who go to church. Girlfriends who pray at the mosque together. Atheist girlfriends. Introvert girlfriends. Girlfriends who get turnt at every chance they get. Girlfriends who take walks together. Girlfriends that give gifts just because. Girlfriends that have become sisters. Sisters who are girlfriends. Girlfriends that are not in the country. Girlfriends who have passed away but still mean so much to us and more. Girlfriends who stan the same artists. Girlfriends that kiss. Girlfriends who can’t take showers without each other. Girlfriends who wear glasses. Girlfriends with disabilities. Feminist girlfriends. Neurodivergent girlfriends. Girlfriends who romanticize life. Dramatic girlfriends. Girlfriends who are twitter mutuals, but you have grown to love. A girl’s girl.

You all make the world a less toxic place.

Happy Girlfriends Day ❤️